Soft Skills and Behavioral training



Work Better Training was started as a result of our own frustration with corporate trainings. Having worked with multinationals before our entrepreneurial days, we had been a part of several executive training programs and realized that most of them were theoretical and boring in nature, with no real takeaways. There was a huge disconnect between what was taught in the classroom and what was happening on the ground. Hence, we started Work Better Training in an endeavour to make corporate training programs more real, practical and implementable.

Skills development is the need of the hour in India and globally too. Workforces need to be upskilled for organizations and economies to function at their best.

  • A research by MIT Sloan revealed that not only are soft skills teachable but training in problem solving, communication, and decision-making can bring a phenomenal 250% ROI to employers
  • A 2018 Bloomberg Next and Workday study found that four in ten corporations and almost half of the academic institutions believe new hires lack the soft skills required to perform at a high level.
  • West Monroe Partners research shows that 98% of HR leaders believe soft skills are important for candidates looking for technology roles; so important that 67% say they withheld a job offer from a talented IT candidate due to a lack of soft skills. Yet, an incredible 40% of employers do not provide training in soft skills.

Since the time we started, we have seen the L&D industry evolve and grow at a rapid pace. We have strived to keep pace with the changing business dynamics and the challenges faced by organizations and evolved to help address them. Over the years, we have worked hard to evolve with the L&D industry and bring novel learning solutions such as mobile, video and e-learning to you.

Each new challenge faced by our clients inspires us to find new solutions, thereby helping us get better at what we do. We are a company with a proud past and a bright future!


Swapnil Kamat, CEO – Work Better Training