Soft Skills and Behavioral training


Each one of us must remind ourselves everyday of what we stand for, what we aspire to do, and how we aspire to meet our goals. From what they state in interviews, most prospective employees want to work with us based on what we stand for. Before you read this, we would like to warn you that the stuff written below is what we strive to achieve every day. Sometimes we do; at other times, we fail. In fact, the larger we grow, the more often we fail, yet we try harder to stick by our values. As stakeholders of Work Better, you need to hold us by this standard. Tell us if we are being true to ourselves and if we do stray, help us get where we intended to be. After a lot of thought and iterations, we have boiled down to our five core values:

What We Stand For

01 We are professional

  • This is the first thing we stand for – to be known as a thoroughly professional organisation.
  • Professionalism must be displayed by every team at Work Better and in equal measure. Whether you are client-facing or colleague-facing, professionalism is an absolute essential.
  • However friendly and fun loving we may be in office, we are extremely professional in our approach with each other when it comes to work. Progress at Work Better is based on merit, quality of efforts and results. It will never be based on sucking up to the boss or top management.
  • We look at ourselves as a high performing sports team [to borrow from Reed Hastings & Netflix]. We are a purely performance-based company that needs to win consistently at the market place to survive.

We stick by our commitments.

  • If we say we will call, we call.
  • We get to our meetings 15 minutes before the time of appointment. We get to our workshops at least half an hour in advance.
  • The smallest commitments count, irrespective of whom we are dealing with. It could be the flunky/trainee or the CEO, we will always stick to our commitments.

We put out great, consistent and quality products.

  • Whenever people see any Work Better product, they should be able to see and feel the difference between us and the rest.
  • We constantly strive towards creating a best-in-the-world product and service experience.
  • Small grammatical and spelling errors in our emails and content give the impression that we are unprofessional. We must avoid them at all costs.
  • Our products should be reliable for our customers. People should be able to trust our products.

We are planned, disciplined and organised.

  • What we may feel are small slip-ups often lead to huge screw-ups. We must avoid those at all costs.
  • We write everything down. We are fanatic about our notepads.
  • We anticipate mistakes that clients and different stakeholders make. We think through stuff, always.

We always prepare well and know our stuff.

  • We never go into a meeting or training unprepared. We spend a lot of time preparing for just about everything.
  • We always do a thorough research on the person and company before meeting them.

What We Stand For

02 We are customer-centric. We make our customers fall in love with us.

There is only one boss – the customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else. – Sam Walton

  • The customer is the person putting bread on our table. There is no business without a customer. That’s why, we must strive to be as customer-centric as possible.
  • This does not mean that we cater to every need or idiosyncrasy of our clients. We can always respectfully decline something that we cannot cater to. However, once we decide to take a client on board, they must absolutely love dealing with Work Better. It’s that simple – get the customer to fall in love with you and Work Better. They should not be able to look beyond you for their training-related work.
  • Every member of Work Better is aware of their role in the service chain and how they impact the end customer, even if they do not have customer-facing roles.
  • Every team member is aware of every single touch point that creates an experience for the customer. Every touch point with the customer needs to give a feeling of delight.
  • The best way to grow your business is through word of mouth and references. The only way to get either is by delighting your customer.
  • We treat our internal customers with as much care and love as we treat external customers. It’s important for internal customers to be serviced well for the external customers to be serviced well.
  • The greatest companies on earth – Amazon, Apple, Facebook – are all customer-centric and obsessive, and so should we be. Our competition is never another training company. It’s always about us raising the bar continuously and improving our standards of customer centricity.
What We Stand For

03 We are entrepreneurial & passionate

  • An entrepreneurial setup like ours gives people the freedom to come up with new & crazy ideas. Being innovative simply means coming up with new, different and better ways of doing stuff. Each idea that you come up with will be celebrated. We really appreciate people who think of making things better all the time. You will also get the freedom to execute the ideas that you come up with.
  • In everything that we do, people can tell how passionate we are about our work. If you are not passionate about the work you do – learning &  development as an industry or the company you work for – you are the wrong fit for us. We want people who feel passionately about things.
  • We experiment a lot at Work Better. Many of our experiments fail but we are never scared of failing. Failure is how we learn new things. If you hear of a lot of new things happening, don’t get scared. Don’t think we are doing random things. A few of those experiments should stick and become big verticals in the future.
What We Stand For

04 We are genuine, kind & respectful

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. – Theodore Roosevelt

  • We take pride in being genuine, kind and respectful. This is a value we hold dear.
  • We ensure that we hire decent human beings. We won’t hire a terrible person even if they are very smart and right for the job otherwise.
  • Being genuine and nice does not mean you can take us for a ride. We are not only nice, but smart too. In most cases, we are not gullible.
  • The reason why we hold this value important is because we want our people to enjoy coming to office. That stops happening when you have a bunch of terrible people around.
  • We honestly believe that it’s possible to be genuine and run great businesses at the same time.
  • You will always find us doing the right thing, morally and ethically. We may differ with you on what they stand for, but rest assured it’s a question that pops up in our minds during critical decisions.
  • We encourage every person to be kind. We are task masters when it comes to work, but kind when it comes to overall conduct.
  • We are courteous. We say our Thank you’s. We say our Sorry’s. We try as much as possible to keep our ego at a distance.
  • We smile, mostly.
What We Stand For

05 We strive for excellence

Excellence is a gradual result of always striving to do better. – Pat Riley

  • The foundational word of this company is BETTER. No word for us means more than this word. From day 1 of the inception of this company, we have tried to get better at everything we do. Continuous improvement is our golden mantra.
  • A term that you will see us use a lot is ‘world-class’. We can’t hold ourselves by any other standards but world-class. Our aspiration is to create a world-class executive training & education company and we want all of us to enjoy the process of creating something great together.
  • We need to strive for excellence in everything we do, not only in terms of our final product but also every process and every detail along the way.
  • The questions that you should constantly ask yourself at Work Better are – How can I get better? How can my work get better? How can Work Better get better? How can we be truly world-class? If we are not getting better, we are getting worse and not growing.