Soft Skills and Behavioral training


We understand the importance of adopting different methods of training to suit varied learning needs. Therefore, Work Better offers a host of learning formats to meet your specific requirements.

Modes of Delivery


In this mode of training delivery, participants are upskilled in instructor-led sessions that involve a mix of classroom training, experiential learning, live online classes and virtual learning through videos and mobile. The instructor adopts a blend of two or more learning methodologies based on the learning needs of participants.

ILBT is a highly effective learning methodology since instructor-led classroom sessions are supplemented by video learning, online classes and experiential learning to maximize learning and retention of knowledge. It allows for real-time feedback, questions and answers, and malleability in delivery in real-time to suit learner needs.

Multitude of learning formats | High effectiveness | Expert facilitators | Tailored to learner needs

Modes of Delivery


Experio, our experiential learning arm, provides engaged learning and knowledge-sharing through innovative activities. We are experts in helping organizations meet their business objectives through bespoke experiential learning solutions. We partner with you to design and deliver high impact programs which help drive various business objectives through your people in a fun, adventurous and entertaining manner while keeping the learning intact.

Our solutions, besides being novel and relevant to learners, are also highly scalable to cater to varying group sizes ranging from 20 – 1200 for a duration of 3 hours to 3 days.

Widest range of activities | Options to suit different budgets | Bespoke activities | Expert facilitators | Impeccable execution

Modes of Delivery


Our virtual mode of learning delivery includes a host of off-the-shelf as well as customized learning solutions that you can consume on the go on your laptop, tablet or mobile.

A. Off-The-Shelf Learning Solutions

Work Better has partnered with Skillsoft – world’s largest e-learning company – that offers over 165,000 learning modules that include courses, videos and e-books. Through ‘Percipio’, Skillsoft’s advanced learning platform that provides an unparalleled personalized learning experience, these learning modules are accessed over 130 million times per month in 160 countries and 29 languages by over 400 million users. 65% of the Fortune 500 companies have used Skillsoft to train their employees.

Participants can hone their skills in areas such as Business & Leadership, Productivity & Collaboration, Digital Skills and more.

B. Customized Learning Solutions

With vLearn, we convert all organizational learning into highly impactful and engaging videos and video courses. From soft skills and behaviour to product and process training, we can create customized learning videos, just for your organization. Videos are created in an exciting format with the aim to not only capture the attention of learners but also to help them retain information better and for a longer duration of time.

What you get is a bank of customized videos which can be used multiple times in a classroom, and through e-learning & mobile learning platforms – that is a fabulous return on investment for your organization. We make bespoke videos in different formats such as:

Live Action Videos

  • Roleplay and Scenario
  • Explainer Videos

Animation Videos

  • Standard 2D
  • Customized 2D
  • Whiteboard
  • 3D

E-Learning Courses

  • Level 1 to Level 4 interactivity